Article number: AKOVAC-K.1/4.24DCL.NO

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Articlegroup: Accessories
Pressures & Temperatures
Min. operating pressure: 1.50 bar
Max. operating pressure: 8.00 bar
Max. operating temperature: 60.00 ° C
General Information
Customs tariff number: 84812090
Weight: 2.60 kg
Number per sales unit: 1 piece
2.2 certificate: possible
2.1 certificate: possible
AKOVAC vacuum unit (AKOVAC-K.1/4.24DCL.NO) in the COMFORT version for air operated pinch valves from AKO Armaturen.
Vacuum units allow pinch valves to be used under vacuum conditions. The use of a vacuum unit is necessary from a process vacuum of >100 mbar and can compensate a vacuum of up to -0,8 bar at a control pressure of 4,5 bar.
Closing pressure and vacuum level can be set separately in this COMFORT version.
This vacuum unit in the COMFORT version consists of a vacuum pump, a 5/2-way solenoid valve, a silencer, a filter regulator, a pressure regulator, three pressure gauges (compressed air supply, closing pressure and vacuum level), a mounting bracket and all necessary hoses and fittings.
Max. operating temperature: 60° C
Connection thread: ¼ ″ internal thread
Voltage: 24V DC
Air consumption: approx. 2 Nl/sec. (at 5 bar)
Min. control pressure: 3 bar
Switching status: Solenoid valve normally open (pinch valve closed)
Use in Ex-Zones: not suitable

With our accessory components, like this vacuum unit, you have two options in our shop:
1. You can purchase this vacuum unit individually directly from this product page.
2. You can configure this vacuum unit on the respective product page of your required pinch valve as a mounting option.
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