Article number: M100.03LF

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Articlegroup: pneum. pinch valve sleeves
Series: M
Nominal diameter: 100 mm
Sleeve quality: NR (Natural Rubber), electr. conductive
Sleeve resistance (high cycle): good
General Information
Customs tariff number: 40093100
Weight: 1.42 kg
Number per sales unit: 1 piece
2.2 certificate: possible
2.1 certificate: possible
Leitfähig / Ex-Zonen
Electrically conductive: 1
EX-Zone 0: applicable
EX-Zone 1: applicable
EX-Zone 2: applicable
EX-Zone 20: applicable
EX-Zone 21: applicable
EX-Zone 22: applicable
Sleeve made of natural rubber (conductive, < 10^6 Ohm) (NR) with nominal diameter DN 100 for air operated / pneumatic pinch valves from AKO Armaturen.
The sleeve is suitable for the current pinch valves series VFX and VMCX.
Also suitable for pinch valves of the no longer available VX and VAX series.

The replacement sleeve can be installed in the existing pinch valve without much effort and without special tools.
The remaining components of the pinch valve can be used furthermore. Thus, it is not necessary to replace the complete valve.

ATTENTION: If you have received a conductivity test report from AKO Armaturen for the corresponding pinch valve, this will expire if you replace the flange on your own.
Codification List CN | CZ | DE | DK | EN | ES | FR | HU | IT | JP | NL | PL | PT | RU | SV | TR

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