Air operated pinch valves from AKO Armaturen in hygienic & aseptic design

Air operated pinch valves
in aseptic & hygienic versions

Our air operated pinch valves in aspetik design are EHEDG certified to Type EL Class 1 throughout, as well as Type EL Aseptic Class 1.

The aseptic pinch valves of the VMCE series are ideally suited for food & pharmaceutical applications thanks to their hygienic design. Even when installed, they are easy to clean (CIP-capable), sterilizable (SIP-capable) and partially piggable (RIP-capable).

The aseptic pinch valves are available in stainless steel design in nominal sizes DN 10 to DN 100 and are equipped with a food- and EHEDG-compliant sleeve made of EPDM.

The following pipe connections are available for the VMCE series:
  • Weld-on ends according to DIN EN 10357 series A
  • Tri-clamp according to DIN 11864-3 (BKS) or DIN 11853-3 (BKS)*
  • Tri-clamp according to DIN 32676 row A**
  • Flange according to DIN 11864-2 form A (BF) or DIN 11853-2 (BF)*
  • Threaded spigot according to DIN 11864-1 (GS) or DIN 11853-1 (GS)*

* Hygienic connections according to DIN 11853 are available 
on request.
** Only in combination with Combifit sealing.

The aseptic and hygienic connections listed above can also be installed on air operated pinch valves of the VMC series – but are then not EHEDG certified.