Air operated pinch valves in threaded spigot versions

Air operated pinch valves
with threaded spigots

For our air operated pinch valves we offer standard threaded spigot connections according to DIN 11851.

The threaded spigot connections are available in stainless steel in the nominal diameters DN 10 to DN 100 (depending on the series) and are compatible with air operated pinch valves of the VMC series as well as the VMP series.
Depending on the nominal diameter, you can choose between stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.
The pinch valve sleeve installed inside is available in different qualities and should be selected based on the later application.

As with all other air operated pinch valves, you also have the possibility to equip your future pinch valves with accessories and to extend them by tests or inspections.

Threaded spigot pinch valves with EHEDG certification:
Also aseptic threaded spigot connections (milk pipe thread) according to DIN 11864-1 (on request: hygienic threaded spigot connections according to DIN 11853-1) are available for pinch valves (series VMC). However, if you need these with EHEDG certification, please use our aseptic pinch valves of the VMCE series.

Threaded spigot pinch valves in Ex/ATEX versions:
Pneumatic pinch valves with threaded spigots are also available for potentially explosive atmospheres. You can find these in our Ex/ATEX category.