Manual pinch valves in handwheel versions

Manual actuated pinch valves
with handwheel

Our manual actuated pinch valves controlled by handwheel are equipped with a flange connection conforming to EN 1092 PN10.

The manual and control pinch valves of the OV series have a two-part housing made of powder-coated aluminium (RAL2008). The internal sleeve is permanently connected to the hand wheel and is therefore force controlled. The opening or closing mechanism is controlled either by one-sided closing (DN 15 to DN 50) or two-sided closing (DN 65 to DN 250).

The series OV manual / control pinch valves are available in nominal widths from DN 15 to DN 250 and can be equipped with a food-contact sleeve if required.

Optional accessories or tests can be ordered via the product page of the respective manual or control pinch valve if required.