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Pressure relief units for pinch valves

Pressure relief units
for pinch valves

Pinch valves can be equipped with a pressure relief unit and thus be used as overflow valves. Pressure relief valves protect your pump and systems from overpressure and thus from overloads and resulting defects.

The pressure relief unit is installed directly at the pinch valve and is charged with the optimal control pressure. The pinch valve is thus normally closed.
If the line pressure now exceeds the defined operating pressure in the normal state, the installed sleeve inside the pinch valve starts to open and the overpressure will be released.
In this case, the built-in digital pressure switch also gives feedback on the opening of the sleeve.

Available versions:
  • Pressure relief unit for systems with available compressed air (Type UE.LV...)
  • Pressure relief unit for systems without compressed air (Type UE.LNV...)
  • Air pump for a manually compressed air supply inside the overflow valve
    Required for type UE.LNV...

For further information on the overflow units offered here, please refer to our technical information for accessories.

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