Safety circuits for air operated pinch valves

Safety circuits
for pinch valves

Since pinch valves are directly pressurized with compressed air, they cannot hold the compressed air independently in the event of a failure. The sleeve thus opens automatically in the event of a compressed air breakdown.
To ensure that the pinch valve remains closed in the event of an interruption of the compressed air supply, a safety circuit can be installed which constantly keeps the control air within the pinch valve and the sleeve remains closed.

  • Built-in solenoid valve with very high tightness
  • Solenoid valves are individually tested for tightness
  • Long closing time stability (effective duration depends on the nominal diameter and the control pressure of the pinch valve)

For further information on the safety circuits offered here, please refer to our technical information for accessories.

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You would like to close the open pinch valve automatically in case of compressed air supply failure or switch the pinch valve several times while the supply of the compressed air is interrupted?
For this you need a compressed air supply tank in addition to the safety circuit. If required, you can ask us for this individually.