Solenoid valves for air operated and manual or control pinch valves

Solenoid valves
for pinch valves

Solenoid valves are required for air operated pinch valves and mechanical hose pinch valves with pneumatic actuators.
Solenoid valves control the supply of the pinch valves with the required compressed air to ensure an automatic and precise opening and closing.

Features of the solenoid valves:
  • With electrically actuated piston valves to control the solenoid valve under voltage
  • Latching manual override
  • Light plug with protective circuit for optical switching control
  • Available in normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) versions
  • Air output, depending on the model: 360 Nl/min (1/8″), 1 580 Nl/min (1/4″) or 3 300 Nl/min (1/2″)
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To ensure the fastest response times of opening and closing during pinch valve operation, it is advisable to mount the solenoid valve as close as possible to the pinch valve – ideally directly on the pinch valve.
This reduces wear on the pinch valve sleeve effectively and at the same time maximizes the service life of your sleeve. Furthermore, you minimize the downtimes of your system and thus significantly reduce your operating costs.