About AKO Armaturen

Since 1985 we have specialized in the development, construction and distribution of pinch valve solutions.
Our company headquarters in the Rhine-Main area with its excellent logistical location enables us to supply customers worldwide within the shortest possible time.

The distribution of our products in Great Britain and Ireland as well as France, Italy and Switzerland is thereby handled by our subsidiaries AKO UK Ltd. and AKO Innovations S.A.S.
In order to represent country- or region-specific requirements and conditions as best as possible, we work with more than 30 independent country representatives, who act as local contact and sales partners on site.

AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH - Germany
AKO Innovation S.A.S. - France
AKO UK Ltd - England



Foundation of AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH by Antoine Kopp in Rüsselsheim-Bauschheim.


Development of own pinch valves

Start of the development and distribution of own pinch valves.


Move to larger building

Due to increasing orders, move to a larger building in Trebur-Geinsheim.


Foundation of AKO Innovations S.A.S.

Foundation of the subsidiary AKO Innovations S.A.S. in France –
for the direct distribution of AKO pinch valves in France, Italy and Switzerland.


Foundation of AKO UK Ltd.

Foundation of AKO UK Ltd. in Great Britain –
for the direct distribution of AKO pinch valves in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


Own company headquarters & warehouse

Move to first own company building with warehouse (400 m²) at today's company headquarters in Trebur-Astheim.


Expansion of storage capacities

Expansion of the storage capacity – by building a second warehouse with further 500 m² – to now 900 m².


New era

Frederic Kopp, the son of Antoine Kopp, is the new managing director of AKO Armaturen & Separationstechnik GmbH.


Further expansion of storage capacities

Construction of a further office building with a third warehouse. The total storage capacity at the Astheim location is now up to 1 740 m². The new office building gives us the flexibility to expand our location and to grow further.


Web Shop

Launch of an online store as the basis for a future 24/7 pinch valve source.

since today

Worldwide distribution partners

To this day, we are working with more and more national sales partners who take care over the distribution of our products in the local markets.

AKO Armaturen is a medium-sized company from Germany, located in the middle of the Rhein-Main area between Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt.

AKO was founded in 1984, is now fully family-owned in the second generation and has developed over the last decades into a global specialist for pinch valve solutions of all kinds.

With independent subsidiaries in France (AKO Innovation S.A.S.) and England (AKO UK Ltd.) as well as more than 30 representatives worldwide, AKO Armaturen is ideally positioned as a supplier for the international market and has a wide-ranging distribution network that ensures fast and uncomplicated delivery to almost every country in the world.

For over 35 years, more than 20,000 customers from a wide variety of sectors and industries worldwide have placed their trust in the expertise of AKO Armaturen and are thus able to draw on a product portfolio of over 10,000 pinch valve variants for their plants and applications.