Accessories for pinch valves

Pinch valve accessories

For all our air operated pinch valves and manual / control pinch valves, we offer you a wide range of accessories ideally suited to your valve.

Depending on the type and design of the pinch valve, you can mount one or more accessory components on your pinch valve.

Among other things, you can select the desired accessories directly in the pinch valve configuration process and have them mounted directly – if desired.  This gives you the advantage that all selected accessories are prepared by our experts for mounting on the relevant pinch valve or are delivered directly mounted.

Accessory items that you place directly from this category into the shopping cart are placed in the shopping cart as a separate item without valve reference.

You want to add accessories to your existing pinch valve?
Try our accessory finder: Simply enter the relevant part number of your valve and you will get a list of all compatible accessories.