Proportional pressure regulators for air operated pinch valves

Proportional pressure regulators
for pinch valves

Proportional pressure valves (or proportional pressure regulators) can be used to control other intermediate positions in addition to the two standard valve positions open and closed – for example 50% open.
The proportional pressure regulator is practically an electrical pressure control valve. The control of the intermediate positions is achieved by converting an electrical signal proportional to a pneumatic pressure. The ratio between the input current signal and the pressure control range can be individually adjusted.

With a proportional valve, pinch valves can also be controlled centrally with varying presettings – this is interesting for filling test processes, for example.

The control with proportional pressure regulators is called coarse control of the pneumatic pinch valve.  The repeatability of the intermediate positions is not very accurate (due to the compressible control air) – but in many cases it is sufficient.

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