Pressure switch for air operated pinch valves and pneumatic pinch valves

Pressure switches
for pinch valves

Depending on the installation position of the pressure switch, it either monitors the compressed air supply or the functionality of the pinch valve sleeve.
The pressure switch converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal.

Possible installation positions and tasks:

Installation in front of the solenoid valve:
  • Monitoring the general compressed air supply.
    E.g. complete failure or drop below required level.
  • Can also be used to monitor the compressed air supply of several pinch valves.

Mounting between solenoid valve and pinch valve:
  • Monitors the control air (which is controlled by the solenoid valve installed at previews position).
    Thus provides feedback on the current switching status of the pinch valve.
  • Enables the detection of a broken sleeve.
    A failure to reach the preset control pressure of the control air at the pressure switch can indicate a damaged area in the sleeve. (The capacity of the compressed air supply and the size of the damaged area must be in relation to each other)

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