Vacuum units for air operated pinch valves

Vacuum units
for pinch valves

In order to use pinch valves, e.g. in vacuum conveying, it is recommended to install an AKOVAC vacuum unit.
The sleeve normally starts to contract at a vacuum of > 0.1 bar. The built-in vacuum unit creates a counter vacuum (vacuum compensation) within the valve body and thus forces the sleeve to remain completely open.

  • The completely constriction-free passage in the pinch valve will be preserved.
  • The wear and tear of the sleeve is reduced and thus the service life is increased.

The AKOVAC vacuum units are available in two versions:

In the Basic version, the closing pressure & vacuum level cannot be adjusted separately.
At a high vacuum, this simultaneously results in a high closing pressure and thus a higher load on the sleeve.
Components: solenoid valve, vacuum pump, silencer

AKOVAC Comfort
In the comfort version, the closing pressure & vacuum level can be adjusted separately.
This increases the service life of the built-in sleeve.
Components: solenoid valve, vacuum pump, filter regulator, pressure regulator, manometer (compressed air supply), manometer (closing pressure), manometer (vacuum level), mounting bracket, silencer

For further information on the AKOVAC vacuum units offered here, please refer to our technical info for accessories.

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