Filter & pressure regulators for air operated and pneumatic controlled pinch valves

Filter- / pressure regulator
for pinch valves

The pressure regulator provides the optimum control pressure for the pinch valve and the built-in filter separates any condensate and impurities in the compressed air.
The ideal adjustment of the control pressure to the process conditions protects any following accessories and the sleeve from unnecessary stress. Thus, you achieve a significant longer service life of the sleeve and all other components while maintaining the same functionality.

Pressure control component:
  • Adjustment of the optimum compressed air supply through a manual control knob.
  • Keeps the compressed air at a constant level during peaks in the compressed air supply.
  • Prevents unnecessary consumption of compressed air and reduces stress on the sleeve.

Filter component:
  • Separates condensate and impurities from the compressed air which would otherwise settle in the pinch valve or other accessory components.
  • Separations are collected in a transparent container and can be easily drained through a drain valve.
  • Provides additional wear protection not only for the sleeve but also for all other following accessory components.

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